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Barking Hilarious: Great Dane’s Back Seat Antics Take Over TikTok

Get ready to laugh your tail off! I did a double take when I first saw it. Discover how one mischievous pup becomes an overnight sensation on TikTok with millions of views.

Ellen Mackenzie was taken by surprise when she found out just how flexible her pup, Howard, really was. The five-month-old Great Dane shocked Ellen with his quirky backseat antics. Ellen had to capture the moment on TikTok for her followers to see the puppy in his flexible glory. And boy, did they love it!

A Star is Born

Howard’s newfound stardom quickly became the talk of the town, as his hilarious video was viewed by 3.7 million people. Ellen couldn’t help but laugh and say, “He’s all legs at the moment. He’s still trying to figure out how those work.”

Howard’s Exploits

2 images of Howard the flexible Great Dane sleeping on the couch
One of Howard’s other skills | Credit: Instagram @theellenmack

Howard’s young age and curious nature have made for some unforgettable moments. Ellen recounted that “Howard’s gotten the hang of a few activities so far, like swimming in Lake Superior and calmly walking through dog-friendly stores with his mum.” But Howard is still perfecting his car manners.

Back Seat Driver

Howard the Great Dane leaning into the front seat for a lick
Howard likes to roam around the car when it is parked

Even though Howard has full reign of the back seat during car rides, the curious pup likes to explore other spaces within the vehicle. When the car is parked, and his safety harness is unclipped, he happily jumps into the front seat. When the car is in motion, Howard loves to stand on all four legs and stick his head out the open sunroof, flapping his ears and chops in the wind.

Trunk Surfing

Howard’s keen sense of smell and adventurous spirit often leads him to the trunk. If the privacy screen is gone, Howard likes to lean over the back seat to get a whiff of whatever’s in the trunk. When something smells particularly delicious, his long front legs flop over the barrier, leaving his hind legs dangling over the back seat.

Bread Alert

Howard becomes a TikTok sensation | | Credit: Instagram @theellenmack

On one fateful day, Ellen filled the trunk with groceries, and Howard couldn’t resist the temptation. Ellen looked over her shoulder and saw a floating pair of Great Dane legs in the back. Frantically calling Howard’s name, she was able to get his attention. But instead of shimmying back into his seat, Howard just turned his head and rested it on the side of the headrest. Ellen was quick to record the funny moment and sent it to her friends, who suggested that she put it on TikTok, and when she did, it immediately went viral.

Fans Love Howard

The internet fell in love with Howard and his floppy, clumsy legs. “The look in the puppy’s eyes when he sees his legs hanging,” one person commented, while another said: “Omg, this is hilarious. Made my day.” “Watched this over and over. Dogs are brill,” a third said.

Future Adventures

Howard the Great Dane lying across the bed
Howard is getting too big now to wedge himself between the seats. | Credit: Instagram @theellenmack

While Howard is getting taller by the day and won’t be able to trunk surf for much longer, he’s still a cheeky car companion. Ellen even found a Scooby Doo Mystery Machine car sticker, which she placed on the back of her car while Howard’s ears and chops are out the window enjoying life. “He’s definitely a character,” Ellen said.

Howard may have a lot to learn about car manners, but he is sure to make everyone’s day with his adorable personality and hilarious moments.

Do you have a similar experience with your dog? Caught one of your pups doing something hilarious? Please share photos and experiences in the comments.

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