9 Must-Ask Questions Before Choosing A Dog Breed


That ultra-fluffy puppy may be adorable, but is it right for you or your  family? Answer these 9 questions and avoid the biggest mistake when choosing a new dog breed.

1. What energy level should you look for when selecting a new breed?

When picking out a dog, it is important to make sure that the pup’s energy level matches your lifestyle.

2. What size dog will fit your life best? Size always matters.

If you have limited space, such as an apartment or small house with a backyard, then opt for a smaller breed if you have a spacious home with lots of outdoor space, then why not consider larger breeds

3. How can climate impact your decision when choosing a new puppy?

Different dog breeds do better in certain climates, so it’s important to  choose a breed that will thrive in the climate where you live.

4. How long should you expect to spend grooming your pampered pooch?

The time and cost associated with grooming is an important consideration when choosing a dog breed.

5. Are you aware of the breed’s common health problems and the cost?

It's important to check if the breed is prone to certain diseases and physical conditions. It's especially important if financial resources are limited. Vet bills, medicine, and dog health insurance can be very expensive.

6. Which breeds play nicely with others?

Choosing a pup should be a well-thought-out decision, especially when you have children, friends, and other pets in your home.

7. What training challenges should you be aware of with this breed?

When it comes to training, some breeds are more challenging than others. Consider your time and patience.

8. Is frequent travel a part of your life, and is fido welcome?

For those looking to take their pup on the go, some breeds are better suited for travel than others. When it comes to flying with your pup, some breeds meet restrictions better than others.

9. Will you be leaving your dog alone for long periods of time?

Planning on leaving your pup at home for a while? Some breeds may suffer from separation anxiety. Boarding your pup during a trip? You’ll need a breeds that will be content with this situation.

The biggest mistake people make is failing in love with a breed based on  looks alone, and not understanding the key traits, and  needs of the breed.

Choosing the best breed ultimately comes down to matching the breed with your current and future lifestyle.