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Furry Frequent Flyers: These Dogs Put Your Travel Game to Shame!

Maya, Lily, Charlie, and Marvel – four Samoyed dogs who have traveled to more countries than most people will ever see in a lifetime. From Mexico to Turkey, this pack has explored the world with their devoted owner, Oxana Nabokova. But what's the real reason for their journey?

As an owner of two giant breed dog, I was blown away when I read this initially. I can’t imagine trying to do this with my dogs. I couldn’t help but share the story and see if others have similar experiences.

Did You Know There Were Professional Pet Transporters?

What’s better than traveling the world? Traveling the world with your furry friends, of course!

Meet Oxana Nabokova, the professional pet transporter who takes her four Samoyed dogs – Maya, Lily, Charlie, and Marvel – with her everywhere she goes. Together, they’ve racked up more than 80,000 air miles and visited countries like Mexico, Aruba, France, and beyond.

She is on a mission to give her dogs the best life possible and is willing to go to great lengths to make it happen.

Oxana ensures that her pups are always comfortable and happy, no matter where they go. But traveling with pups isn’t always easy, and Oxana has some hilarious stories to share.

Cheaper Than You Think

Despite what you might expect, Oxana says that traveling with her dogs is quite cheap. “My expenses are surprisingly low,” she shares. “If I book a hotel, it usually isn’t much more to have them with me in Europe. My main expenses are extra seats, especially if all four of my dogs are flying with me at the same time.”

Flying with Fido

One expense she can’t avoid is the cost of extra seats on planes, especially when all four of her dogs are traveling with her. “They need enough space to fly comfortably on the plane and the seat prices vary depending on where I go,” she explains.

With four dogs in tow, Oxana has to book two extra seats on every flight to ensure a comfortable journey for her sizeable mutts. “I couldn’t imagine not being with my dogs,” she explains. “They are therapeutic.”

Maya and Oxana in Istanbul.
Maya is a comedian and diva, having traveled around the world. | Credit: Instagram @Traveling_Samoyed

Suitcase Full of Meat

One of the ways Oxana saves money on her travels is by packing her dogs’ food with her in a suitcase. “I pack their food with me in a suitcase,” since they’re on a raw food diet, this means lugging around a suitcase full of meat everywhere she goes. “It’s not the most glamorous thing,” she admits, “but it gets the job done.”

Actress and Diva Dog

Of her four dogs, Maya is the real scene-stealer. “We call Maya a comedian,” says Oxana. “She likes to play dead when it’s bath time. She’s an actress and a diva.” When Maya knows it’s time for a bath, she’ll jump on the bed, lie down, and refuse to move. “It’s like she’s glued to the bed,” Oxana laughs.

Maya also has a keen memory for supermarkets that sell meat and insists on stopping by every single one, even if they already have plenty at home. “And, of course, I have to walk into the shop and then walk out just to please her,” Oxana admits. “Sometimes I have to walk on different streets on purpose, because I know she won’t let me walk by supermarkets.”

Hide and Seek

While Maya is the diva of the group, all four dogs have a mischievous side. “They hate grooming,” Oxana explains. “If they see a brush, they take it and hide it. Every time I buy a new comb, they find a way to hide it from me. They like to steal socks too.”

Hit The Road Pack

Flying isn’t the only way Oxana and her pups get around – they also hit the road in huge SUVs that can fit their hefty hounds. Whether they’re cruising through Europe or exploring the countryside, these pampered pooches are always up for an adventure.

Follow Oxana and her four furry friends on their hilarious and heartwarming adventures around the world. With diva dogs, a suitcase full of meat, and plenty of laughs, this pack is sure to entertain and delight.

Bulldog puppy in a suitcase

Do You Travel With Your Dogs Regularly?

I travel with my dogs everywhere I go!

I travel with my pups sometimes.

Are you kidding me! I never take my dogs.

If you have any experiences you would like to share about traveling with your dog, we would love to hear about it. Please share in the comments below.

Chris Macias

I was raised in St. Louis and moved to Florida while a teen. Pets were always a big part of my childhood. My wife is also a huge animal lover so our first child was an adorable Doberman pup named Klaus. We are currently puppy parents to a Pitbull named Max (Maximus). I enjoy being outdoors, watching my children play sports, and building a variety of woodworking projects. I love writing about rescue animal needs and how dogs enhance our lives. CBCC-KA, CDBC.

I was raised in St. Louis and moved to Florida while a teen. Pets were always a big part of my childhood. My wife is also a huge animal lover so our first child was an adorable Doberman pup named Klaus. We are currently puppy parents to a Pitbull named…

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