How Much Do You Actually Know About The Queen’s Corgis?

Are you a Royal or Corgi super fan? This quiz will reveal all.

When did the Queen begin her love affair with Corgis?

A young Princess Elizabeth and her Corgi

When she was given a Corgi pup at her coronation

She received one as a wedding gift

She rescued a Corgi when she was 16 years old

Her father surprised the family with a new pet when she was 7 years old

When did she receive her first corgi?

Young Princess Elizabeth was smitten with her corgis

18th birthday

21st birthday

Sweet 16 birthday

10th birthday

What was the name of her first corgi?

A servant was fired after playing a prank on a Royal Corgi





The Queen ended up breeding over 30 corgis from Susan’s line, beginning with her first two pups named?

It is said the Queen had 13 Corgis at one time

Candy and Sandy

Countess and Princess

Honey and Sugar

Holly and Bunny

The Queen once demoted one of her footmen for playing a practical joke on her dogs. What did he do?

Added Ex-lax to their food bowls

Spiked the dogs’ food with whiskey and gin

Poured Guinness beer over their food

Gave them cat food

What holiday tradition do the corgis enjoy each year?

They get to tear open presents and chew the wrapping paper

They are feed steak for their Christmas Dinner

They get to drink Egg Nog

They each get their own stocking with treats and toys

What happens to the Royal pets upon their death?

Royal pet graveyard

They are buried in a special pet graveyard

They are entombed at Buckingham Palace

They are taxidermied and put on display in the Royal Museum

They are buried at Westminster Abbey

What is the largest number of corgis the Queen owned at the same time?

Queen Elizabeths first Corgi





What did Princess Diana call the corgis?

Rug Rats

Fur Babies

Foo Foo

Moving Carpet

Which Royal started the special pet graveyard?

Not everyone loved the Queen's Corgis as much as she did

King George V

Queen Victoria

Queen Elizabeth

King Edward II

Before owning her own Corgi, Susan, when Elizabeth was seven years old, the Royal family selected a Corgi pup from a litter and named it?

Young Elizabeth walking her Corgi





What breed did the Queen and her sister Margaret invent?

The Queen encountered an old acquaintance during a visit to the Roman site of Vindolanda near Hadrian's Wall in Northumberland, a corgi bred by the Queen and now owned by Lady Beaumont who lives in the area.





At what exact time are the Corgis fed daily?

12 PM Noon

3 PM

5 PM

7 PM

What was the special occasion that the Corgis met James Bond (Daniel Craig)?

The Queen's Corgis meet James Bond

Prince William and Kate’s Marriage

2012 London Olympics

Queen’s 90th birthday

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s nuptials

What Royal once joked, “(I’ve) spent the last 33 years being barked at” by the dogs?

The Corgis sometimes bit other pets and people

Prince Harry

Prince William

Prince Charles

The Queen Mother

It’s claimed the Corgis “instantly warmed up to Meghan Markle.” What did they do to Meghan?

The Corgis liked Meghan Markle

Licked her hand

Layed in her lap

Layed on her feet

Licked her cheek

In what year did the Queen stop breeding Corgi puppies?





Away with you

You’re in the dog house with the Royal family!

You really need to brush up on your knowledge of Royal Corgis. I suggest reading 24 Amazing Facts About The Queen’s Corgis then coming back and retaking the quiz.

Not bad but not good either. You might be a secondary Corgi butler.

You could use a little brush up on your knowledge of Royal Corgis. I suggest reading 24 Amazing Facts About The Queen’s Corgis then coming back and retaking the quiz.

Very Nice! You are well on your way to being a Royal insider.

If you want to reach the next level with the Royal family, I suggest reading 24 Amazing Facts About The Queen’s Corgis then coming back and retaking the quiz.

Excellent! You must be a member of the Royal family or at least a close friend.

I you want to know more details about the Royal Corgis, I suggest reading 24 Amazing Facts About The Queen’s Corgis.

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