Police Capture Wild ‘Wolf’ Near Daycare Center And Avoid Terrible Tragedy

A team of police officers responded to reports of a wild wolf on the loose, only to discover that it was somebody's pet who had escaped its home.

The Oklahoma City Police Department visited a children’s daycare center following reports of a “big bad wolf” roaming around.

Police responded to reports of a wild wolf near the daycare center. Hears What Could Have Gone Horribly Wrong

Credit: Oklahoma City Police Department’s Facebook

The officers initially thought the animal was a wolf, but upon closer inspection, they discovered it was only a resident’s missing dog.

The wolf was spotted near a daycare, roaming in the grass off to the side of a road.

On Tuesday, September 13, the Oklahoma City Police Department said in a Facebook post that they had reunited a pet wolf with its owner thanks to some quick-thinking officers.

“Big bad wolf? More like a cuddly puppy,” police said.

Officers arrived to find that the wolf was a pet named Nova — about “85% wolf and 15% Alaskan Malamute,” the post said. The officers cautiously urged Nova into the squad car and took a few pictures with her before taking her back to her rightful owner.

“Words cannot express how thankful I am!” The owner of Nova commented on the Facebook post.

“It’s been a terrifying 24hrs and now she gets to have a much needed bath and nap.” “How adorable!” another person commented. “Look at that smirk. What a cutie,” someone else wrote.

Nova’s escape caused quite a stir, with many people expressing relief that she had not been shot.

Nova was incredibly fortunate, but many other wolf-hybrid pets have not had such good fortune.


After shooting and killing a Siberian husky she thought was a wolf, a Montana hunter sparked an online storm of protest after sharing a picture of the slain dog in September 2022.

Siberian Huskies

Thousands of people condemned Amber Rose Barnes, 36, after she posted a photo of the slain husky on Facebook with a caption that included an enthusiastic description of the kill and graphic photographs of the dead dog, which she believed was a wolf pup.

She only discovered her error after posting to social media, when strangers commented that she killed a dog–not a wolf, as she initially thought.

woman hugging Husky

Some commenters were so infuriated that they demanded her hunting license be taken away.

A therapy dog that worked with people with autism and post-traumatic stress disorder was killed by a hunter who mistook the pet for a wild animal in September 2017.

Kaoru. Credit: Valeria Calderoni

According to Valeria Calderoni, the founder of Canine Valley rehabilitation center in Squamish, B.C., Kaoru was shot at point-blank range while she and a trainer were out with nine dogs on their regular Monday morning stroll up north of Vancouver.

They were reattaching leashes to the dogs when she heard a really loud bang and instinctively crouched down.

Walking Kaoru. Credit: Valeria Calderoni

That’s when she saw her four-year-old pup had been hit by a bullet just three meters away from her. The distraught owner tried to save her dog, but the injuries were too grave.

“There was a huge amount of blood. I just told her to ‘let go’ and she died,” Valeria said.

Kaoru was a Tamaskan dog, an uncommon Finnish breed. According to Dog Breed Plus, the working dog was created by combining the Siberian Husky, Alaskan malamute, and German Shepherd breeds. BC Conservation Service has opened a full investigation into the so-called “very unfortunate situation.”

“This is a huge tragedy,” she said. “Something good should come of Kaoru’s death.”

Calderoni has started an online campaign to have hunting banned in the area.

Martin Lopez

Hey there, I’m Martin and I grew up and live in South Florida. Ever since I can remember I have always had a love and passion for animals. I graduated in 2018 with a degree in Zoo and Wildlife Biology with the goal of one day working in a zoo as a marine mammal trainer. I have experience working with all types of pets from dogs, and cats, to other animals such as sea lions, seals, and otters. Currently, I am with an area Zoo and Wildlife Park, along with being a private dog trainer on the side. KPA-CTP, ACDBC,.

Hey there, I’m Martin and I grew up and live in South Florida. Ever since I can remember I have always had a love and passion for animals. I graduated in 2018 with a degree in Zoo and Wildlife Biology with the goal of one day working in a zoo as a marine…

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