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It’s International Akita Day And Owners Share How They Stole Their Hearts

International Akita Day celebrates this amazing breed. As a fellow pet parent, I'm honored to share what makes this breed so special.

For Akita dog lovers, today is a special day. It’s International Akita Day. It’s a day to honor the beauty, loyalty, and strength of Akitas, and to share stories and experiences with other Akita owners around the world.

On every March 8th, Akita Day is celebrated around the world. International Akita Day is a celebration of the beloved Japanese breed held annually on the same day throughout multiple countries. The date has a special significance for Akita fans, as it was on this day that Hachiko, the most famous Akita, went beyond the Rainbow Bridge to meet his beloved human. 

How is International Akita Day Celebrated?

Statue of Hachiko in Japan
Hachiko, the most famous Akita.

The Akita has a long history in Japan, where it used to be considered a symbol of good luck, and warriors would always have an Akita with them. On International Akita Day, you can expect people to be walking their Akitas proudly along city streets or participate in doggie parades or pet competitions.

Organizations such as the North American Akita Association host a variety of events specifically for Akitas, such as obedience trials, agility trials, conformation shows, and more. There’s also educational programming about responsible ownership and health care of these majestic dogs. In a day filled with fun activities, everyone can learn something new about this wonderful breed and share some quality time with their canine pal. No wonder International Akita Day is one event every Akita fan looks forward to!

Why Akitas Hold a Special Place in the Hearts of Their Owners

Akitas are known for their unique characteristics that make them a beloved breed among owners. I spoke with a few Akita owners to hear their stories and experiences with this amazing breed.

Akitas aren’t Cuddlers but when they do…

Akitas are basically huge teddy bears but aren’t ones to pass out snuggles to just anyone – they know their worth! Lucky you if you snuggle with one. They’ll almost fill up your entire bed, leaving little room for moving around – or sleep!

I have a male Akita called Sawyer, he’s 1 year and seven months. Like most Akitas, he’s is not a fan of cuddling and doesn’t sleep in the bed with me. But when my father passed, he slept by my side the whole week, he always knows when I’m sad and anxious and makes the “sacrifice” of laying by my side and even lick my tears.

They Love and Adore their Families

Akitas are known for their calm and gentle nature, making them a great choice for families with children. They are patient and tolerant.  They have a protective instinct that makes them excellent guardians. Akitas love to play and interact with children, and they will happily engage in activities that the whole family can enjoy.

Their loyalty and affectionate personalities will make them beloved members of any household, and their courage and strength provide an added sense of security. You can’t put a price on that kind of piece of mind for your family.

My two dear Akitas Tsunami (Nami) Rai and Koda Bear (Koda) were bought together from 2 different breeders at 7 weeks old, they were inseparable from day one. Great and noble family members, fierce protectors and very nurturing to our two daughters.

Fiercely Loyal Companions who will Stop at Nothing to Protect their Owners

On Reddit, S15OUL shared about his 2 year old Akita named Rio (pictured above), “He’s always super cautious, very protective, and focused on my girlfriend when they walk alone. (He’s way more on his own when I walk with him) – One night she went on a night stroll with him, when I was working night shift. – I trust Rio my life, she does also. And this particular night, he showed her he will defend her even if he would die doing so.”

He went on to say the Rio defend his girlfriend against two loose Pitbulls. His girlfriend was listening to music and unaware of the impending danger, but not Rio. He leaped into action and fought off the Pitbulls. Rio was left blood and had wounds to the his legs but his ‘mum’ was saved from being mauled. Rio is fully recovered now and still on guard!

Independent Thinkers who March to the Beat of their own Drum

Akitas have a reputation for being stubborn, but the truth is, they’re independent thinkers that make their own decisions. Their distinct personality is often described as strong-willed and confident. Akitas are not easily swayed by outside influences. Training an Akita means exercising lots of patience and using plenty of highly motivating reinforcers. What’s best is if you can somehow convince the dog that the task was their idea all along!

Akitas make Life more Interesting and Fun

@akitainu.haku my sweet baby 🥹❤️ @harota #akitainulovers #akitainulover #japaneseakitainupuppy #japaneseakitainu #dogmomlove ♬ som original – ★

Akitas are known for their funny and playful personalities. They often surprise their owners with their silly antics. Whether it’s by playing with toys in a comical way or making funny faces.

They have a mischievous side and will often playfully nip at their owner’s hands or feet. Akitas are a great choice for those looking for a pet who can bring laughter and joy into their lives.

Since it’s shed season, she likes to play with her shedded fur. She’d group them together and sit beside them and guard them like they’re her children 🤣 She gives us so much joy with her weird antics.

A Chatty Akita can keep you Entertained for Hours!

When Akitas do decide to communicate, they do so with exuberance and intention – making sure every sound has a special purpose. An Akita unlocks their secret language with a chorus of whines, sighs, rumbles, barks, and howls! By lending an ear, you can quickly pick up when they’re feeling famished, if they desire a bit of your attention, if their guard is up and when they’re just plain ol’ frustrated.

Joleen Sheppard

I totally believe that dogs truly give “unconditional love” and deserve no less! I am a life-long Georgia resident. I'm trained in Pet CPR and First Aid in the event of an emergency but also have a Ph.D. (Pet Handling Degree) in ball throwing, hide and seek, toy tug of ware, petting, and snuggles.

I totally believe that dogs truly give “unconditional love” and deserve no less! I am a life-long Georgia resident. I'm trained in Pet CPR and First Aid in the event of an emergency but also have a Ph.D. (Pet Handling Degree) in ball throwing, hide…

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