I Was Shocked When I Discovered My Dog Is The Brother To Queen Elizabeth’s Corgi

A woman in Yorkshire was stunned to learn that her treasured canine companion was the brother of one of Queen Elizabeth II's corgis.

It’s a rarity to cross paths with royalty, let alone find out you’re related to them.

According to a Yorkshire dog owner, her pet is descended from the late Queen Elizabeth’s corgis. In Yorkshire, a woman revealed her surprise after finding out that her beloved precious pet was the brother of one of Queen Elizabeth’s corgis.

Wilbur the corgi. Credit: Nadia Smith / SWNS

Nadia Smith, 28, brought home her corgi puppy, Wilbur, in February 2021 and didn’t realize the two dogs had come from the same breeder until she saw a Facebook post about the late Queen’s new corgi, Muick.

After some digging, Smith claims the two dogs were bred by the same breeder.

“I was in shock when I realized,” Smith, told the Independent on Monday. “I originally thought it was a weird coincidence.”

Smith compared photos of the two puppies and was confident that they’d come from the same litter, which the breeder later verified.

Nada Smith walking Wilbur the corgi. Credit: Nadia Smith / SWNS

She continued: “You never think anything like this will happen to you. It’s such a strange way to be connected to her.”

Smith also commented on how she and her partner have a special place in their hearts for corgis because of the Queen. “From seeing her with all her corgis, we thought if they’re good enough for her, they’re good enough for us,” she said.

Queen’s Corgis Sandy and Muick stand along her funeral. Credit: Getty Images

“With her passing, it’s so surreal, you somehow never think it’ll actually happen. Everything stood still,” she added.

According to Smith, she had another run-in with Muick while picking up Wilbur from the breeder.

“We held the queen’s actual corgi — and we own his brother!” she exclaimed. “ ‘The queen’s dog chewed my shoelaces’ is not something you ever expect to say!”

When Smith learned of Wilbur’s royal background, she wrote the Queen a letter with photographs of the dog. She was thrilled to receive a response from Paul Whybrew, the Queen’s steadfast Page of the Backstairs.

Whybrew expressed gratitude to Smith on the Queen’s behalf and said they were delighted to hear that Wilbur was doing well.

“I felt quite bad that his brother is in a palace and Wilbur is not! But he really is the best. He’s so funny, and has so much personality.”

While Smith thinks of Muick living the high life at his new residence, she wouldn’t trade Wilbur for anything.

Wilbur the corgi. Credit: Nadia Smith / SWNS

“He’s kind and sweet but also quite sassy. He makes people earn his trust, and teases people before letting them pet him. But everyone loves him – he has more friends than me!”

The Queen received Meuick as a present from Prince Andrew and his daughters Princess Beatrice and Princess Eugenie to keep her company while Prince Philip was in the hospital in early 2021.

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