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Absolutely Heart Breaking This Adorable Dog Has Lived Over 1000 Days In An Animal Shelter

Britain's most unwanted rescue dog, spending more than 1000 days in a shelter, the sweet and loving 8-year-old Jake, is looking for his forever home.

Families in Britain are leaving record numbers of adult dogs in shelters because they can no longer afford to care for them. Jake is just one of many sweet dogs who deserve a loving home.

Jake, a rescue dog that’s spent years in a kennel, is desperate to find his forever home.

Jake isn’t like the hundreds of other Dogs Trust Leeds, a British rehoming center (shelter), sees every year–most are adopted within weeks. However, at eight years old, this lurcher has yet to find his family.

Jake has been living at the animal shelter for the longest time and sadly appears to be Britain’s most unwanted dog.

Britain's most unwanted dog
Jake is Britain’s most unwanted dog. Credit: Dogs Trust

He has spent time in kennels for over 1,000 days – a situation that is, unfortunately, becoming more common as the demand for rehoming grows while fewer people are willing to adopt adult dogs. The pup had two homes before his first birthday and was then taken in by Dogs Trust Leeds in 2016, but he came back earlier this year because his family’s situation changed.

Despite having a kind nature, the good boy has had to move between three different homes and stay in kennels on two occasions.

Jake has spent 1000 days in a British shelter.
Jake has spent 1000 days in a British shelter. Credit: Dogs Trust

Amanda Sands, center manager, says: “Jake is one of the sweetest dogs you could ever wish to meet, and we really want to find him a special home to call his own.

He lacks confidence around dogs and people because he had a tough start in life.

“He had already had two homes by the age of one through no fault of his own, so that important time when he should have been building his confidence, learning to trust people, developing his social skills around other dogs, he really missed out.” Sands explained.

He first came to us when he was just one and went on to live happily in a home, but he came back to us in 2019 after a change in his family’s circumstances meant he could no longer stay with them.

Jake is happy and needs room to run
He is a happy dog and needs room to run. Credit: Dogs Trust

“He is very happy here, and of course we love spending time with him, but we want to find him a home of his own once more, with the special owners he deserves.”

Jake is a shy guy who would do best as the only pet in a quiet home with no young children.

Jake lacks confidence with other dogs and new people
Jake has had a tough start and lacks confidence with people and other dogs. Credit: Dogs Trust

He also needs access to a secure garden to burn off some of his boundless energy and walks in quieter areas.

Jake cannot be left home alone, so he will need a family who lives close to Dogs Trust Leeds.

This way, his new owners can visit him multiple times and build a strong relationship with Jake before taking him home.

Jake has received lots of training and is a really happy dog.

He has had lots of individual training
Jake has received lots of attention and training. Credit: Dogs Trust

“During his time with us we have done lots of training with Jake to help him overcome his anxieties and he’s a very happy boy,” Amanda added.

“We know him really well too, so as a team we know exactly what he needs if he is to be happy in a home and we are committed to getting it right for him, as we are with all of our dogs.

We’re looking for patient owners who will give Jake the space he needs to get to know them in his own time.

“Whoever gives this lovely boy a new home will soon find they have a four-legged shadow as he likes nothing more than knowing what’s going on.

We can guarantee that Jake is worth the effort.

Jake is looking for a forever home
Jake needs a quiet home with no children or other pets. Credit: Dogs Trust

“He is fun, playful, affectionate, loves to snuggle, and we know there’s someone out there who will love having Jake in their life – and on their sofa!”

If you’re interested in providing Jake with the home he deserves, please visit Dogs Trust’s rehoming page.

He is shy and needs time to get to know new people, but once he does, he is a fun, affectionate companion.

In recent months, Dogs Trust has received more calls from people needing to rehome their dogs than ever before because of the rising cost of everyday living.

Some residents require more care than others, but many are only looking for a foster carer who can provide emotional support and a comfy place to stay until they find their forever home.

Jake has had lots of training
Jake is in training. Credit: Dogs Trust

Dogs Trust is asking people to consider becoming foster parents to help ease the burden on shelters.

You can make a real difference in the lives of dogs in need by becoming a foster carer. By taking on this responsibility, you’re not only helping to free up space for other homeless dogs, but also freeing up time for staff members who can then provide special attention to those dogs who need that extra bit of help.

Dogs Trust will take care of any fees that fostering a dog may incur.

If you’re an animal lover, please consider becoming a foster parent to a lonely pooch in need.

Shannon Young

My name is Shannon and I am a passionate advocate and rescue animal parent for over 12 years. Having been exposed to a wide range of furry creatures since a very young age, caring for animals has always been second nature to me. I enjoy animals of all types and currently have two rescue dogs, Sammy and Chloe. I enjoy biking, reading, spending time with friends and family, and am an avid wildlife photographer.

My name is Shannon and I am a passionate advocate and rescue animal parent for over 12 years. Having been exposed to a wide range of furry creatures since a very young age, caring for animals has always been second nature to me. I enjoy animals of all…

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